Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Birth is a miraculous play
of blood and bones, energy and breath.
Set on the stage of our body,
birth resounds in songs of
prayer and profanity.

Nothing can prepare us for it.
Everything has already prepared us for it.

Birth invites us to make peace with pain.
By enduring this particular pain
we draw pure love from the mystery to our loving arms.

Birth takes us to the precipice of
our life as we have known it.
Dance on that windy cliff.
Dance your most primal and powerful dance
to the rhythm of each contraction.

Roll your hips and scream.
Undulate and moan.
Breathe and spit fire and,
above all else,
Lose yourself in the pain.
Curl your toes around the cliff's edge.
Then jump.

In an instant all that you have known will be no more.